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I am an artist based in Cambridgeshire and was born and raised in an industrial part of Poland. Using traditional and experimental methods of drawing, print, ceramic and video in a large-scale installations I convey a personal relationship with the surrounding environment by combining the natural world with abandoned urbanisation and modern ruins.

I have studied Art at the Institute of Fine Art at University of Silesia, where I have specialised in etching and graphic design whilst working in collaboration with the Faculty of Fine Art at University of Ostrava. This work resulted in the international workshops and exhibitions, “Kontakty II – Art Beyond Borders”.

I have been a member of the Anglian Potters Association since 2013 and take part in their annual exhibitions. Other recent exhibitions include: Sustainability Art Prize, Transition Exhibition (both online in 2020) and the Lockdown and Lights online event in 2021.

I recently graduated MA Fine Art at Anglia Ruskin University, where I continue research in the field of contemporary and contextual art.

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